Please leave a message, if you have any questions, wanna have a discussion and most important: if you know peace projects i should write about. Thank you!

For more information about me and my reasons have a look here: About Let’s Peace.

Who is writing?

machteshMy name is Gabi. I was born 1984 in East Germany, studied Social Science and Education Science at the University of Leipzig.

At the age of 16 i created my first website on worldpeace. My idea on the world was a very easy one: love and peace is good, war and violence is bad. For i didn’t understand that life is much more complicated, i divided everything in black and white. As i grew older I learned to understand that we all have an impact on how the world is constructed. I realized, that the way i am thinking (and judging) is important in the process of peace.

On the picture you see me at „Machtesh Ramon“ (a big kind of crater in Israel’s Negev desert).



This website is created by: Gabi Finck
My Adress is: Am Bahnhof im Zug, 23911 Schmilau, Germany

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