Don’t join us! Why the Parents Circle doesn’t want to expand


One of the hardest things that can happen to you, is when you lose somebody you love. The pain and anger will certainly only those people understand the fullest, who suffered the same.


Parents who lost their children – the tears are all the same.


First, this advertisement is a little strange. We see people – young and old – looking us straight into the eye and saying seriously: „We don’t want you here.“ (.לא רוצים אתכם פה .لا نريدكم هنا) Why? What did we do wrong, that they don’t consider us part of their team? And why are they speaking both hebrew and arabic?

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The answer is shown in the end: it’s a circle of parents and family members, who lost their loved ones due to the conflict in Palestine and Israel. Who come together to share their pain. Who don’t want any more new families to face their reality of despair. It’s a reminder for everyone: Stop with this violence, stop with the hate. If we don’t stop, more families will suffer, more people will get killed.

It won’t stop – until we talk!

You can see the tears of the bereaved family members, you can literally see their pain on their faces. There is so much sadness in so many families. They realized: It won’t end, until we sit together and start to talk to each other. They wanna give families a forum to meet one another. And learn to see, that the pain is the same on every side. They proof the world: if we can manage to talk to each other, we who suffered the most, then everybody can talk to the other.


Summer Peace Camp for the Youth

The Parents Circle also organized a summer meeting of the younger ones. They have the chance to finally meet people „from the other side“. And ask questions, such as: How is it like, to live in a refugee camp? and: What do you see in me, when you are a soldier at the border?