A Second Seder: The Night of an Interfaith Exchange.

Ruth is serving two Seders. The second has a special reason: She invites Israelis and Palestines to meet each other and celebrate together the feast of Pessah.


I just listened to Voice of Israel and was happy to hear about a young bulgarian woman, who came to Israel two years ago and decided to let the dream of peaceful coexistence come true.

Being jewish (in Bulgaria) and a foreigner (in Berlin) she has been part of minorities for all her life. Now that she made Aliyah she finds herself finally to be part of the majority. But the way she sees it: this comes with a responsibility to not cut the minority off. To be curious and open minded…

So Ruth went to different organizations and created a big network of friends and peacemakers quite easily. She is so curious about the others, because she learned to break the walls and stereotypes in her head.

Let yourself be inspired by listening to her talking about her idea of The Second Seder: