Hundreds of thousands of people: One Voice

peace movement official palestine

Wars and violent conflicts are chiefly distinctive marks in the battle of power for leadership. The common man, who wants to see his family healthy and happy, doesn’t have any interest in going to a war. But politicians and leaders want to gain and obtain power. Countries seek for resources and striving upwards. Sadly but true: wars can be helpful on that purpose.

The warrior who finds himself in the middle of a battle later, is the puppet in the game. One good old strategy for reaching geopolitical and economical goals. The folks suffer and dying… is always just a collateral damage? Or worse: another piece of strategy. (Is it a coincidence that in the word strategy sounds so much like tragedy?) For if more people fear and hate, elections are better to win and power is easier to maintain.

I am really sad about those games.

peace movement official palestine

That’s why it’s interesting for me to see, how the people on both sides crowd themselves together for a shared purpose. The OneVoice Movement connects those, who want to take a more active, assertive role toward resolving the conflict. One loud voice which represents the will and hope of so many: Stop now! We want peace! Start covering in the interest of us folks!

It is powerful to see that they are engaged partner on both sides. Here you can listen to the statements of the palestinian and israeli people:

Statement Tel Aviv:

Statement Ramallah:

Together in Jerusalem: