Set of 32 Emotion Cards | Watercolor | Learning Cards „How are you feeling?“ (english)


Set of cards on A6 paper – language: english.

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How are you feeling? Show me how you feel!

With these cards, you can lovingly guide your child in dealing with their own emotions and feelings. All feelings are okay! Game idea: „Use the card to show how you’re feeling.“

Picture cards for children | Emotion cards – Language: English

will be sent directly to your home
– thick paper 250g/m2
– Card size 14.8 x 10.5 cm (corresponds to postcard size A6)
– Printed in a German print shop, climate neutral


About these cards:
The emotion cards are a perfect tool for introducing children to the world of emotions in an entertaining and interactive way. With a total of 32 lovingly designed cards, you can help your child to name and understand their own feelings.


It was important to me to show the diversity that is often neglected: children with different migration backgrounds, angry girls, sad boys, children with disabilities. I hope to contribute a little to inclusion and tolerance and to help break down stereotypes.

With the emotion cards, you can playfully strengthen your child’s social skills. Empathy and emotional intelligence are encouraged. Above all: you engage with your child and give them your love and time, which is so valuable and important! Your child feels understood and seen and can learn better and better to name their feelings or interpret those of others correctly. Ideal for pre-school age, nursery and kindergarten. My toddler started looking at pictures with emotional children with fascination at the age of 2.

Each card shows a realistic watercolor illustration. I have tried to incorporate humor and love 🙂



digital product: In my store you can also order these cards for direct download.

for parents, teachers and caregivers – and of course for the children themselves!

Please be fair:
For personal use only, no commercial use or resale.


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