Emotion Learning Cards for Nursery, Preschool and Elementary

Today I want to tell you about my exciting new project that is particularly close to my heart: my Emotions Cards. These wonderful cards are the result of my passion for creative design and my desire to offer children a fun way to explore and understand their feelings. As a mother of a lively little boy, I came across the challenge of helping him understand and express his feelings. This search for a playful way to help my own child’s emotional development inspired me to develop the feelings cards.

The birth of the sentiment cards: my personal journey

It was important to me to create a product that is not only educationally valuable, but also has a personal meaning. Each card has a lovingly created illustration showing a child with a particular emotion. I have grown to love each of these children over the years and I am proud to be able to share their stories and feelings with the world.

Emotions adventure

The emotion cards offer endless possibilities for creative games and stories. Children can look at the cards, explore the different emotions and express their own experiences and feelings. In doing so, they not only learn to name and understand their own emotions, but also to develop empathy for others.

Social pedagogical institutions will immediately recognize the value of these cards, as they are a valuable resource for the emotional development of children. Parents of children on the autism spectrum also know the importance of being able to classify and read emotions correctly and will benefit from the emotion cards.

Diversity-conscious, of course!

Girls are allowed to be angry and boys are allowed to cry. Children come from a wide variety of family backgrounds. Not all bodies are the same.

It was important to me to depict this diversity in my cards. That’s why there are children with a wide variety of migration backgrounds and also a proud girl with an extra chromosome who knows how many challenges she has already mastered with flying colors! Because people with Down syndrome prove their strength every day.

The variety of possible uses: From maps to posters

On my website, I offer different formats of the sentiment cards to meet the needs of different users. You can either download the cards as a digital product, print them out yourself and use them immediately, or order them as a physical product that will be delivered directly to your home.

In addition, I have not only developed the sentiment cards themselves, but also designed a variety of alternative applications for them. In addition to the cards, I offer creative tools such as an interactive feelings wheel, an educational feelings clock and inspirational feelings posters. These complementary products offer additional ways to promote children’s emotional development and help them to develop emotional intelligence in a playful way.

Let’s go on a journey of discovery together!

I hope this brief insight has sparked your interest in my sentiment cards. I invite you to take a look around my website and experience the magic of emotion cards for yourself. Let’s go on a journey together through the wonderful world of emotions and bring our children’s imagination to life!