Which side are you on?

Always in an argument, people seem to feel like they have to make a statement, whether they are on the side of Israel or if they want to defend Palestines. But to choose a side, is carrying on the same conflict on a philosophical basis.

It doesn’t help at all to be pro Palestine or pro Israel. This would result in same issues over and over: we and they. The one side, or the other side. The gap between would even be greater. So how develop Peace over a huge trench? Without building bridges we will all stay sitting and moaning for ever.

Also: how can be anyone completely on one side, for one side consists of millions of different people – who may or may not go conform with most or only some of the politics and decisions of their country. It’s just a fatal thought to believe all Arabs hate the Jews – or all Jews wanna get rid of the Palestines, no matter on what costs.

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  1. I agree. All this black and white thinking is doing nothing, if not even contributing to the conflict.
    btw: nice website!


  2. It’s true, word for word. I would like to add: When you have ever truely loved anybody you will have found out (at some early stage) that all people have some amiable bits and pieces. And when you have ever loved a child and you are open-hearted, then you won’t be able to not love children in general. You will love them als Hebrew children, als Palestinian and as Iranian children. And they will all become adults some day. So let’s accompany each other lovingly.


    • Thank you for your comment! Love is a strong power, we just have to open again for these deeper spirits 🙂


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