About Unicorns and Worldpeace

Probably you’ve already heard about the campaign „Israel loves Iran„. Some israeli guy put a picture of him and his daughter with a message to the iranian people: „We will never bomb you. We love you.“ And this went viral. Thousands followed his example and spread the spirit. Now there is „Palestine loves Israel„ „Ukraine loves Russia„ „Jews love Muslims, Muslims love Jews„ „Croatia Loves Israel, Iran and Middle East“ (but no one else^^) „America Loves Iraq“ and „America loves Vietnam“ (we won’t […]

A Second Seder: The Night of an Interfaith Exchange.

Ruth is serving two Seders. The second has a special reason: She invites Israelis and Palestines to meet each other and celebrate together the feast of Pessah. I just listened to Voice of Israel and was happy to hear about a young bulgarian woman, who came to Israel two years ago and decided to let the dream of peaceful coexistence come true. Being jewish (in Bulgaria) and a foreigner (in Berlin) she has been part of minorities for all her life. Now that […]

You are free to go – but some people aren’t that lucky

borders of gaza
The world is consisting of frontiers, which is weird enough. Birds could just fly easily above a border and don’t care about walls and checkpoints, nor passports and permissions. But as human beings we can’t go where ever we feel like to. Luckily we usually can ask for a visa and get the access we want.   But just imagine you are stucked in your country and not allowed to leave, even if it’s important. Such is the situation with […]

Flashmob: Dancing together for Peace (Sign Language Song)

dance flashmob for peace
Sometimes just a small action can lead to a new understanding. A group of Arabs and Jews dance to Meir Banai’s „Shafshaf’s Song“ in sign language in Tel Aviv’s first shopping mall (Dizengoff Center). I tried to find more background information on their Facebook „TogetherPage“ – with no luck. It seems like there are kinda flashmobs and dance performances all over the country. I guess the main message is: if we don’t speak the same language, we can still talk together in sign […]

Don’t join us! Why the Parents Circle doesn’t want to expand

One of the hardest things that can happen to you, is when you lose somebody you love. The pain and anger will certainly only those people understand the fullest, who suffered the same.   First, this advertisement is a little strange. We see people – young and old – looking us straight into the eye and saying seriously: „We don’t want you here.“ (.לא רוצים אתכם פה .لا نريدكم هنا) Why? What did we do wrong, that they don’t consider us […]

Hand in hand on the way to coexistance

arabs jews school
The situation in the middle east may look like jews and arabs hate each other so much, that there isn’t any way of peaceful coexistence. Twenty percent of Israel’s population is arabic. Usually jews and arabs live their complete separated lives. They are neighbors but don’t know each other. Have their own communities and send their children to different schools. The variety of peace projects proofs that this is not how it has to be. Among these projects are a handful arab-jewish […]